Throughout the Holiday season, I am marking all email readings down to $40.00. Additionally, anyone who gets a 40-dollar reading can get a second reading for $25.00. You can get the second for yourself, or it can go for someone who you know. 

This deal does not apply to the Three-question Aura-Energy reading. Please send me an email to book an email reading. I send you an invoice through Pay Pal, following your request. 

The offer ends January 2nd.

Please email me to ask any questions, or if you are interested in an email session.


Mediumistic Sitting

I will connect with your loved ones who are in Spirit. Their essence and energy that they put forth to me should be recognizable to you. They may discuss their relationship with you, hobbies that they have, and shared memories with you. During this sitting, I will receive and talk about the energy that your loved ones bring you presently. The energy that our loved ones in Spirit bring now can differ from when they were incarnated, we develop more towards love in Spirit.

I do not need the recipient present to carry out a mediumistic sitting via email.  Our loved ones in Spirit have intelligence and they know when they have an opportunity to communicate with a medium.  So in essence, it is the presence of the Spirit that allows me to accomplish email sittings, as they dictate the information that is emailed.    


Aura-energy Reading

During this reading, you will have the opportunity to ask up to six questions regarding different areas of your life. You may ask about romance, career, finances, and anything else you need guidance with. The energy of your aura, and the help of my Spirit team will provide the appropriate guidance.

Questions must be emailed to


Mediumistic/Intuitive Session

This session is meant to serve you and the spirit world.  The first part will be based upon two areas of your life: relationships, career, finances, etc.  You may ask two questions or I will do a scan to see which life area needs attention.  The second part of the session is dedicated to your spirit loved ones; giving them an opportunity to communicate.  Two loved ones may make contact.

Questions must be emailed to


Three-question Aura-energy reading

This session provides the opportunity  receive guidance to three particular life areas or questions.  You may ask about relationships, career, or finances.  Spiritual questions are also options, the theme of your soul, spiritual abilities that you may have, or anything to do with the Spirit World.  Only three questions can be evaluated during this session.  Fee is $25.00.

The question must be emailed to