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John is a Spiritual Medium. All through childhood, he has had experiences, which provided him with an understanding that “death” is just a word. Each occurrence with the Spirit World has strengthened John’s awareness of life’s continuity.

One of John's experiences occurred at his brother-in-law's wake. As much pain as John and his family were in at the time, John was conscious that his brother-in-law's spirit was present.  John’s brother-in-law approached him in a hotel room three weeks after the service.  His loved one came around the corner, leaned over the bed, and began to talk to him.

John also had an awareness of his grandmother’s spirit at her own funeral in the year of 2007. Likewise, she was very much conscious that he had the ability to see and hear her.  The connection between their minds manifested communication; she said “hi Johnny.” Following this particular experience, John felt compelled to begin developing his mediumship. He did not know how to start this process.   Knowing that he had an obvious connection with the Spirit World, John asked the Great Spirit for assistance. He was then led to his first mediumship course.

John has studied the craft of mediumship under the guidance of teachers from England, America, and Canada.

Some of John's teachers are:

Brian Robertson                                              Simon James                                     

Rita Berkowitz

Tony Stockwell                                                Lisa Williams

Maureen Hancock

Throughout the course of John's spiritual development so far, he has been influenced by his mentors. The most precious piece of knowledge John has learned is quality of life has no boundaries. The perception of being alive brings freedom to live life is reinforced every day.  Living with the physical condition of Cerebral Palsy, John seeks out accommodations to accomplish the different tasks that goes with life. He carries the notion that limitations are just ways to explore the power of one’s spirit. The growth of one spirit is the opportunity for other spirits to flourish.  We are all in this life together, and there is no greater concept as we are all the light of God’s creation.