6/21/18                                                             The Power of Mediumship

 Many people seek mediums out because they are in a lonely, dark, and unique state of mind.  The doors of grief open when we physically lose a loved one. The absence of a loved one weighs down our emotions, it forms a heavy-dark cloud over the thoughts that we produce.  I have experience grief as well as witnessed people grieving from working as a Spiritual Medium.  There are some people who carry the notion that a medium is able to ward off grief just because we have the ability to blend with the Spirit World.  This belief is so far from the truth.  Mediums are human before they are mediums. Grief is part of the human experience. I have been intensely grief-stricken by deaths of family members.  It is not pleasant and we certainly feel cut off from reality.  Mediumship has the power to slightly close the grief door, or kick it open wider.

Grief doesn’t show any mercy on the griever.  Mediumship is a way that allows us to re-connect with our loved ones who are in the Spirit World.  Individuals who are grieving the lost of a person whom they love, all share one need; to speak with their family member or friend one last time.  Consciously, it's impossible to manifest such a connection without a medium.   We must have the opportunity to feel the love between us and our loved one again, don’t we?  Grievers put their bereavement in the palm of a medium’s hands.  No matter the amount of education that particular medium has in this work, they are going to impact us and our loved ones in Spirit.

Mediumship can be highly powerful for the recipient, spirit communicator, and the medium. Grievers view mediums as someone who holds a greater power than what they possess. I have had clients who have stated to me that I enabled them to live again just by providing them with some information about their loved ones, to prove that they are still very much alive.  Enabling the recipient to live life again following a lost of a loved one really stems from the Spirit, but the mediumship must be compatible with the Spirit’s nature, in order for this work to be soothing  When the nature of the Spirit is able to become obvious within a sitting, the Spirit, medium, and the recipient receive healing. The feeling is untouchable.

Psychology is within mediumship regardless what philosophy the medium follows. As I mentioned above, recipients look up to mediums as if we have a greater power.  This is where mediumship psychology is routed.  Mediumship has the power to enable or disable.  A person is in heavy grief mode has a similar mentally vulnerability as children who are in early schooling.  Kids look up to their teachers to teach them about numbers and letters, and that youngster is going to believe every word that comes from the teacher.  The same concept applies to a griever and a medium.  If the  medium deliver a message about  their loved one being stuck, the sitter is going to slip into a deep grief.  Now the person is grieving over their loved one being trapped, on top of losing them.

In all ten years of doing this work, I have never had a spirit say that they are trapped. If a medium makes such a statement, that is rubbish. That medium does not know what they are doing. The Spirit World looks after each spirit in their world; just like we do on earth.

Responsibility for positive outcome of a sitting is also on the recipient.  It is essential for us to reach the stage in our grief that will let us accept a sitting.  I recall attending a mediumship demonstration following the passing of a loved one. The emotional wound was so fresh.  My reasoning for attending the demonstration was to unite with my family member once again.  I had my mind locked on that particularly loved one.  Any others Spirit-loved-ones would have been unrecognizable to me if they came through the medium.  The experience would have been disappointing, and I would have blocked the healing that was transmitted to me.  Luckily, my recently departed loved one communicated, and I felt empowered

The power of mediumship should align with the power of the spirit.  A medium is just a conduit for the spirit to enforce their survival.  Mediums that evoke fear, additional grief, or any emotions that stare away from the spirit, is not a true medium.  Likewise, sitters that already have those same emotions regardless the medium, are not ready for a sitting.  The medium is in charge to deliver the message in a faction that corresponds with the spirit, and the recipient is in charge to receive the  message in a way that co-exist with the spirit.  When both jobs have proper applications, the power of mediumship merges with the power of spirit, and God’s hand is extended to the recipient and the spirit to enable life.



I have been immersed in the work of the spirit since 2007, and one of the main questions that I get ask is what my view on “ghost” is.  Before I release my opinion regarding this particular sense, I need to provide consideration to others whom hold the opposite outlook.  Disrespect to such human beings is completely absent from my motivation to construct this blog.

Many persons have the notion that a ghost and a spirit possess similar identities, that some persons become anchored to a certain piece of physical matter such as a historical building, and that they are able to be seek out if a “ghost hunter” travels to that location.  My belief sways dearly from these positions.  The awareness of God should be aroused, The Great Spirit, or whichever name for the loving power feels most appropriate to each individual.  God is present in numerous forms within all things and occurrences.

Let us fathom the same situation with the elimination of the spirit world, and then incorporate it in the equation.  An incarnate spirit who is enclosed in a building with not a pathway leading to abstraction won’t have a false existence in others.  Another human whose heart pumps love and compassion is going to create action that will dismiss that person from the building.  Is that not God at work?  Likewise, a discarnate spirit is going to experience that same result of God’s work that is embedded in an identical situation.  Another discarnate spirit will care for the discarnate spirit in need.  Is that not God at work?  Discarnate spirits nurse discarnate spirits; incarnate spirits nurse incarnate spirits.

Spirits are only God’s existence that has the home of a soul.  They are the generators of all love.  One spirit cannot hold its form without that of God’s glue.  Therefore, all of us bear God within; we are spirit.  The soul is the sponge – soaking up life’s experience with the mission to reach the spirit.  It is the trail of these experiences left behind by the soul that is labeled as a “ghost.”  This history is accessible to all receivers.  Just apply the concept of a recording to this principle.  I have heard some of the most knowledgeable mediums make this same statement.  Most importantly, the seed of this knowledge is planted for growth by the spirit world.

In closing, next time we study about a “trapped” spirit, we must produce two questions.  Isn’t the hands of God on the wheel that steers the situation, and where is the value of that life?  All life is higher than gold! 


Aug 11, 2015


                                                                             Relay for Life; a Walk With the Spirit


         I decided to illustrate about my experience with Relay for Life because it had such a spiritual impression on me that a flash bulb memory was born.  My sister constructed a Relay for Life team a few years ago called, “Hula for Hope.”  For the past so many years, Tracy has been immersed in the Relay for Life event in honor of family and friends who battled cancer. My other sister Heather as well as my four nieces and my brother-in-law were also part of Hula for Hope.  Facebook posts exposed Tracy’s and Heather’s dedication in reaching the team’s fund raising goal.  I would observe their status updates—asking folks to consider making donations, but it never entered my mind to explore the motivation behind them.   Tracy invited me to accompany Hula for Hope this year, and I embraced the opportunity because I am all about gaining as much life experiences as possible.   I provided Tracy with my email address so that she could register me as a member of the team.  I learned shortly after that it was to raise money in order to discover a cure for cancer.  However, when we all participated in the Relay for Life affair itself, I gained the knowledge that it was more than just a fund raiser.

       On June 26th, 2015, twenty-seven Hula for Hope members arrived at the Fall River school (the relay’s sight) at different times, and gathered at booth 58 where our Hawaiian display was assembled for that whole night.  As we reached our destination, I had a keen awareness of all the other Relay for Life percipience.  The bright-warm sun was beaming down on the scenery.   Most people who were in attendance were part of different teams.  Each team exhibited an unique theme under exclusive names.   The creativity that was poured into the themes was marvelous.  Themes anywhere from fishing to face painting and everything in between encircled the track. 

      As the Relay for Life got underway, I studied the environment and discovered that life of others was the trigger for all the work that flowed into the event’s reality.  The willingness to be the support for those who need an extra pair of legs to walk through life is spirituality.  And this was the pavement of the pathway for a spiritual experience because that type of enthusiasm, in my opinion, is the house for causes such as Relay for Life.

     I saw different teams, but, to me, they were not the ordinary team.  I didn’t see a lot of serious competition that was sandwiched in between the groups.  The event held fun activities that encouraged the teams to compete against each other.  Contests such as dance-offs, races, and obstacle challenges were carried out.  However, such activities were just meant to produce joy for all the participants.  Nobody steered away from the main reason why we all were engaging in the event.  We all clinched a common goal, (life.)  The event went on for nineteen hours.  One of the main activities were laps around the track in honor of loved ones who are in the spirit world due to cancer. 

     When Hula for Hope walked around the track, we viewed all the photos of the different loved ones who are in the spirit world from the illness.  Gazing at the photos gave me a second indication that Relay for Life has the ingredients for a powerful spiritual experience because we are able to witness and feel the power of love, and I will be willing to bet that some people there felt loved ones in spirit participating in the event right alongside all of us; I sure felt them!  It was like a huge hug between the physical world and the spirit world.

      To me, a spiritual experience is not exhaustive without The Great Spirit being felt to some capacity.  The “survivor lap” ushered in God‘s love and powerful presence.   At 6 PM, cancer survivors completed a full circle around the track.  The rest of us all gathered on the field to witness the survivor lap.  I was right up close to the track.  It was akin to having a front row seat to a special event.  The course was undeniably extraordinary.  When the survivors strolled by me, I could feel the presence of God; it was as if a wave of spiritual power washed over the entire Relay for Life event.  The Great Spirit became the event during The Survivor Lap, and that was the finalization of the spiritual impact. 

      In conclusion, the event reached its goal as far as raising funds is concerned.  Too me, the money was just a symbol of the true cure; love, belief, and prayer.  The fact that we all were partaking in the event to begin with demonstrates the type of love that is shared between human beings.  That compelling love is going to manifest the other two qualities of God’s power; belief and prayer. 

Spiritual Power Propels Life and Love


The power of the spirit may be misinterpreted.  As a medium, I absolutely have to rely upon the power to manifest contact with the spirit world.   Many people hear the word “power” in the work of the spirit, and they may form an assumption that a medium is greater than they are.  The fact is that no one contains a higher value than anybody else.  The pair of longs that sit in our chest mirrors all pairs as compatible oxygen fills them.  Our bodies may be slightly different, but they require one positive slate of health to function.  To me, these identical aspects display a spiritual resemblance of all life that was united through God’s hands.   


We all possess an unique qualification to utilize the spiritual power in our lives because we are all spiritual beings.  The ability to touch all spirits is always embedded within all of us.  I have viewed one particular video on the web of a father aiding his daughter who needs a wheelchair to get around participate in a dance recital.  The father and daughter performed a dance together that consisted of beautiful choreography.  The dance had one lady in the front row crying not because it was sad, but because that moment showed such a strong love.  The father lifted his little girl out of her wheelchair and high above his head. Right at that second, the power of the spirit overflowed the room and traveled beyond the technology that captured that moment.  That is how powerful we are as spirits right in the now.  The now is a world pool of love, and we as spirits maintain the rotation. 


The power is surrounding us constantly.  It is part of our spirit.  I have heard many mediums state that the power is the fuel for mediumship, in which is absolutely true.  However, mediumship is about life of the spirit and soul.  Without the power of an incarnated live spirit as well as the soul’s life experiences bubbling up in the human mind, which is also alive, mediumship has no existence.  Similarly, a discarnate live spirit is a key to the door that leads to mediumship.  My philosophy is that the power is the fuel for life, and we all are living each day.  We have the means to demonstrate love for one another much like the father and daughter did during their dance.  The farther helped his little girl partake in the dance because he loves her, and many people’s spirits were touched from that love and joy.  That is the type of effect mediumship has; yet, the same ability to move the spirit was in that little girl and her father.  The moment of the dance was not mediumship, but it was life.  All God’s creation is alive with the ability to animate love through life and that’s the nature of the power. 


Mediumship is just one door that opens for the power of the spirit.  Billions of people are walking the earth and that is the number of doors that can swing open to allow the spirit to be touched.  Some unlock the entrance way with the key that is in the form of art, teaching, helping others, and so on.  All spirits hold a key to the power because their hearts are capable of pumping love with each beat; the intention of our creator.  In sum, next time you accomplish a task in parallel with warmth, experience the power pulsing through the core of your being, attracting the spirit of others, so they will be part of the miracle of the door swinging open for the spiritual power.  That is what it is when the spirit is touched; a miracle. 

Physical Limitations; Reality or Illusion? 


Many people may view a “disability” differently.  Some say that it is a limitation.  Though the physicality part of us is prone to handicaps, the spirit is not at risk of such enclosure.  To me, a disability is a spiritual expansion.  Whether it is receiving assistance from another person or discovering a special process to accomplish certain endeavors, the disability inspires unity as well as spirit depth to surface—two main qualities of spirituality.  We all are living life with some type of incapacity.   Some impairments are more visible than others.  Obvious challenges invoke fear within the work force, in some cases.  Throughout this blog, I will express my own experience and my thoughts in hopes to replace this apprehensiveness with spiritual awareness.  As a person who has committed my life to spirituality and has the life challenge of Cerebral Palsy, finding work in new age stores as a medium is quite an employment barricade.  The medical condition is the causation of slurred speech as well as the inability to walk.  Muscle spasticity uncontrollably overshadows my smooth coronation.   These symptoms, most likely, turn new age store owners heads away whenever I approach them to publicly practice my craft, in which I am content with.  The purpose of this blog is not to gain employment nor is it to force my beliefs on others.  If I am going to be offered work anywhere, I want the reason to be because I am an open conduit for the spirit world.  I am illustrating this blog because spiritual awareness of physical limitations should be heightened. 

         Despite my eight years of doing mediumship, I feel like I am a newbie due to the inadequacy of opportunities that have crossed my path.   Most likely, upcoming mediums will have the chance to demonstrate their practice in a new age store or even a spiritual church.  I have displayed interest in working in new age stores to a few owners, and they all disregarded me as a candidate to fill a medium position. Owners of new age stores have shown great concern over the Dysarthria.  “How are people going to understand John,” one new age store owner asked my friend who was trying to assist me in getting work.  I know my speech lacks clarity, but is that really a limitation?  The few chances that I have had to work in public, I was accompanied by my mother who conveyed my words when necessary, and the events were phenomenal.  The point that I am attempting to imply is God is not limited, and that is the greatest piece of knowledge I have acquired from this experience.  This is the core reason why I am now focusing my attention upon email sessions.  I do not have to frat over the physical condition forming a brick-wall and I am able to serve the spirit world. 

        There are mediums all over the world—some are good and some are bad.   Each medium that does this work for the right reasons offers certain benefits to different recipients no matter if they are impaired or not.  A well-known medium from the state of New York who was incarnated in the 1800s had a mental condition that restricted his cognition.  Yet, he could go into the alter state and medically diagnose people with health issues because the power to do that form of mediumship was assessable to him.  So, the spirit world has endless potential.  A medium is a medium since they are in between the physical world and the spirit world and no other reason such as a challenge.  I bring this up not because I think employers should hire me or for sympathy, but because I care about the work of God.  God is not limited; why should God’s power be surrounded by walls?

        It could be argued that people do possess a spiked spiritual awareness when it comes down to others having unique circumstances.  New age store owners can claim that they just hire a certain population of mediums.  However, if that was the case, isn’t that type of mind set limiting the spirit world; not to mention that it could fall under discrimination?  Mediumship is all about uniting the spirit world with the physical world.  And if anybody allows a physical condition to waver their spiritual thinking, then they should re-set their mind to the true power.  The last thing that I want to do is sound harsh, but I do want to aid others to push back the boundaries in their spiritual awareness.  Just by writing this blog, I am learning more about the power.  That shows right there that we are all learning and developing together.  How beautiful is that concept? 

      In sum, it is so important to expand the mind far beyond the physical eyes.   Viewing all beings as souls is akin to viewing a book as knowledge.  When a new book becomes available, it is the job of the text inside to tell us what the book is about.  The title is just to show that the book has potential in the text.  Similarly, it is the physical body, disability or not, of a person that shows that they have potential in their spirit simply because that spirit has existence.  A problem is a problem because it can be solved.  I am not just referring to speaking clear enough to carry out mediumship; this notion applies to all life tasks.  One way to grasp this view is to think about the scientific findings on the human brain.  The brain is a living organ.  Different parts control different functions of the body.  Science has discovered that if one part of the brain is damaged, another part will take over those particular duties.  If the brain can accept this type of uniqueness, why can’t people?  God created our brain, body, spirit, and soul.