The Mind of the Medium


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This course is designed to help students get their unique minds into shape to further work with the spirit.  The mind of the medium can be a distraction if it doesn’t have the capability to move in a rhythm with the spirit.  Exercises will be given to the students throughout the series.  Participants will do sessions for each other by email and other forms of communication. 

During this four-series-online course, we will examine a verity of topic. Energy differs from the power, and this determines a psychic from a medium.  Students will have the opportunity to discover their two unique feelings for conducting psychic readings versus mediumistic sittings.  The presence and the power of the spirit will be discussed.  Mediums always rely upon these two P’s over mind patterns.  Scholars are also going to learn how to blend with the spirit world and become one with the spirit communicator, to strengthen their mediumship.  Finally, this course teaches about spirit ideas.  When the mind of the medium corresponds with the spirit world, we can learn from the spirit and inspire others with the spirit ideas.

Scholars have eight weeks to complete the course.  Every other Sunday, John is going to post a PDF file that entails the teachings and exercises for that particular lesson, to the Facebook group.  The closed Facebook group the class’ platform.  Everybody can share experiences and ask questions.  John will be available to help you and answer any questions you have. 

Students must have a mediumship background for this course.  The course is not for beginners.  The course is limited to ten students. 


The fee for the course is $57.  You can sing up by emailing me at